Cathi Rhodes

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"I have seen 'Always...Patsy Cline' performed all over the place by professionals locally and in South Carolina, Florida, etc. and YOU, young lady were the BEST I have ever seen or heard anywhere! You need to be recording your voice on CDs!"

"Cathi, in my opinion, I think you sound BETTER than Patsy Cline!"

Cathi, you sing Patsy Cline's music so EFFORTLESSLY! It just flows from you!

Valley Players of Ligonier Board of Directors

Thank You, Cathi! ROUTE 66 was a superb show!! The Valley Players of Ligonier are blessed once again! Your creativity, talent and care combine with fantastic results. "THANK YOU" hardly begins to convey our appreciation.

Board of Directors

Cathi, Maybe I'm 'crazy' but I must confess that I catch myself humming PATSY CLINE songs 'after midnight' and thinking about the tender, entertaining performance I saw of ALWAYS...PATSY CLINE at our Ligonier Theater. Emphatically NOT just for fans of country music, this was a rich and touching show for one and all. Cast and crew worked together seamlessly (and effortlessly, it appeared, though I know it had to have been work) to create a tender, believable portrayal of the singer's life and thoughts, her developing career, and a blossoming friendship with a perceptive fan --- a great story, interwoven with a wonderful journey through Patsy's music. The band, so good we should have had to pay a separate cover charge to hear them, made an incredible backdrop for Patsy's smooth and soulful singing. Louise was the the perfect foil for Patsy and an absolute hoot to boot! Staging and lighting were arranged to great effect, carrying us as fluidly from one locale to another as the music transported us from one emotion to the next. And the parade of costumes --- perfect! Let me tell you (in the highly unlikely case you hadn't already heard): ALWAYS...PATSY CLINE was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for your audiences, and I suspect (and sincerely hope) that it was for you as well! Just one question---are you SURE that wasn't really Patsy Cline up there on stage? I'll bet loads of people asked for 'her' autograph! Every aspect of this show was top-notch, and you are to be commended for your part in making ALWAYS...PATSY CLINE such a success for the Valley Players of Ligonier. Heaps o' thanks and buckets o' gratitude from my li'l ol' heart! Y'all come back now, y'hear! (PLEASE!!) In a word...WOW!!!!!

Latrobe Bulletin

Cathi, you totally TRANSFORMED yourself into the Patsy Cline character: your hair, your clothes, the way you moved, and even your choice of lipstick! I can't wait to come back to see you again! That was such a WONDERFUL show!

Erie Fan!

"Cathi, you are so feminine and very humble. I have to tell you that you are such a pleasure to watch and listen to! Thanks for a very memorable evening! We enjoyed having you in Erie!"


If you are looking for an enjoyable and entertaining evening that is reminiscent of a good old county fair, Bullskin is one stop to make this week. Now celebrating it's 80th year, the Bullskin Township Community Fair and Farm Products Show will open today and run through Saturday. It is held on the fairgrounds that are in Wooddale. "We are the longest running continuous fair that is held in Fayette County," fair association member and security chair Jim Fabian said. "We've been doing this for a long time." The fair will unofficially open with a Horse and Pony show held today on the grounds. Starting at 12:30, the day-long event will feature numerous equine events that will delight visitors of all ages. "It's really the beginning of the fair itself," treasurer Jimmy Swink Jr said of the horse show, "and we always get a good turnout. You can stay an hour or you can stay all day. It's really like the informal opening of the fair." Local country singer Kortney Jean and Stampede will perform as will Girlz in Black Hats. The Anna Jane Allen Family Band will appear and new to the fair will be the Patsy & Friends show that will showcase songs made famous by Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. All agricultural and livestock entries will be accepted Tuesday and will then be tagged and displayed by volunteers. "Those volunteers really spend a lot of time with the exhibits and we are grateful to them and to all the volunteers who help with the fair," fair association President Wayne Brown said. Food will be available and games and rides will be located throughout the fairgrounds. The fair's big attractions, the demolition derby, rodeo and tractor pulls will be returning to the outdoor arena, and the community fair will feature family entertainment including a pet parade and the Kids Pedal Tractor Pull. "Those kids come to us with some of the cutest outfits that you ever saw," fair association member and publicity co-chair Sam Glassburn said. "Last year they brought a little three legged dog dressed with a flag that who was supposed to be a disabled veteran. They come us with some really clever ideas." Ample parking is available and entrance to the fair, all exhibits and entertainment is free. "It's free," Glassburn said, "and it's a fun time. Bring the whole family and enjoy yourselves." Sponsored by the Pleasant Valley Grange Community Fair Association Inc., it will be held rain or shine.

Palisades Ballroom

" Thank you for such an entertaining show! Everyone is still raving about it and they can be pretty picky sometimes, but they loved you! They said it was the best we ever had. The only complaint I have is...that you don't charge enough!"

Laurel Highland's Visitor's Bureau

Hi Cathi, Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know I thought you sounded terrific on Saturday at the Arts & Heritage Festival. Your tent was packed with eager listeners and I can only imagine how hot you were! You did Patsy proud. So glad to have such talent in the Laurel Highlands. Regards from Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, Ann Nemanic


I decided to search out your website which led me to listen to your rendition of Faded Love. have one of the best voices I have ever heard in country music. Patsy Cline are.....simply brilliant! Love Always, Lar

Loyal Fan

Thank you as always for your sweet disposition and kindness toward all of us all the time. You are such a delight to be around, not to mention very talented with a lovely voice. TAKE CARE, Linda


(After my 'Valentine & Patsy Cline' show at Our Coal Miner's Cafe): "Cathi you were so good--we really enjoyed it."


After my show at Millcreek in Ligonier for the Hungarian Farsang (Carnival): "Great singing We enjoyed it, got to dance & listen to YOU."


"I've been sitting here listening to Cathi Rhodes. Her music is great. We used to have several Patsy Cline records around here. I'd love to hear her perform. Get her to Florida."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

AUGUST 15, 2010 Cathi Rhodes' tribute to Patsy Cline is similarly heartfelt and dead-on, which is why Barb Ragen traveled all the way from Latrobe to see her aboard the Gateway Clipper's Majestic on a recent Friday and made sure she was the second one on the ship. "I follow her around to all the county fairs, too," says Ms. Ragen, who works for Excella Health at Latrobe Hospital. "She's so friendly to everyone, and her show is outstanding." The host of "Polka Carousel Show" and "CrossRhodes' Bluegrass/Folk Music" on WBCW and WHJB radio stations for almost 10 years, Ms. Rhodes, 58, has countless acting and dancing gigs under her white rhinestone belt. The South Greensburg native also can sing. Really well. It's tough, walking in the cowboy boots of such a country icon. (Ms. Cline was the first female solo artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.) Her interaction with the crowd, though, eases the way. "I don't want to have this big expanse between us," she tells the crowd when she takes her place at the microphone, giving her red-and-white fringed shirt a little shake. "So shake a leg." Long before she reaches "Crazy" on the set list, people are dancing. Read more:

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"It is a privilege to call Cathi a wonderful friend as well as a fantastic entertainer. I met her some years ago when we were both performing at the same venue, and every time I have worked with her since, it has been a joy. She is a great singer and her "Portrait of Patsy Show" is both sweet & endearing and loved by all who see it. She has such a wonderful rapport with the audience and she's always a hit. Not only is she a very polished performer, Cathi is a true professional in the music industry and takes her craft very seriously. I highly recommend her for any venue.."

Facebook Post

Last night, Nancy and I saw a absolutely outstanding performance by Cathi Rhodes (Tribute to Patsy Cline), vocalist Diane Paul and Chris Denem (tribute to Neil Diamond). To open the show, Cathi singing a duet with Dianne was wonderful. Their selection of songs and their performance of those songs was a show stopper! Their performance of a WWII tune “Bugle Boy of Company B” was done equal to or better than the Andrew Sisters. Harmonies were perfect, their on stage routine was great. Nothing short of the best singing duet I have ever seen or preformed with. Chris did a tribute to Neil Diamond and he was great. Neil Diamond has an unusual voice and is difficult to perform. Chris had a marvelous performance. His audience interaction was awesome. He did a wonderful job and performed at least an hour singing a dozen Neil Diamond songs, plus two of original songs written by him, Good stuff! Cathi performed a solo act “Tribute to Patsy Cline” to close the show. What a first class performance by Cathi. This young lady can sing, no doubt about it. She sang with a passion! Patsy Cline recorded many tunes and Cathi sung each one as though Patsy was on stage with her. Cathi’s on stage routine was so entertaining, not only can she sing but can dance as well, Cathi has so much talent. Western Pennsylvania is lucky to have her. Don’t miss her performance. To close the show, all three performers sang together and the closer was awesome. To anyone who reads this. If you are looking for an entertaining evening, attend one of these performances, you will not regret it. I highly recommend attending. Share this with your friends and encourage them to attend the next performance. Don’t miss it because Nancy and I were blown away with the show. Ron and Nancy Horak

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Cathi, as I totally expected, the GOLDEN TRIBUTE show was absolutely wonderful!!! Well done!!! Diane was stunning, Chris was amazing singing as Neil Diamond, and YOU (as usual) were beautiful singing as Patsy Cline. It was a very classy performance with all of your talented voices; the stage was decorated so lovely, and the sound system was great. I am sure that all three of you touched the hearts of all in attendance and that no one walked away from the Greensburg Garden and Civic Center disappointed. Everyone had smiles on their faces, and that is what is most important -- this show pleased the entire audience. GOOD JOB, MY LOVE!!! WELL DONE!!!

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Regarding ticket sales for next February 2014's show: 'Tickets have not even been printed yet, and the show is HALF SOLD already! What can I say...Saltsburg PA LOVES you!!!!'


Two old friends united at the Golden Tribute Show last night. I haven't seen my very good friend Gloria for a very long time. It was an amazing show with three very talented people, my friend Cathi Rhodes, Diane Murin Paul and Chris Denem. The tribute to those who have served and are now serving in the Military and thanking them for their service really touched my heart! I only hope I get the chance to see the show again some day. LOVED IT !!!

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We loved your show the other night. Great job!

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You were shining on stage tonight!

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Beautiful job Cathi , you sing like an angel. It was a very nice enjoyable evening.

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What an awesome show!

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It was really beautiful show Cathy.....everybody enjoyed themselves had a great time. Diane is everything you said she was....she's a great singer! And Chris ..... what can I say, he's a natural; he was great and as always you light up the crowd with your deep love for the legendary Patsy Cline..... keep smiling and keep singin'!!!

Facebook Post

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you, your beautiful soul just beamed through your amazing talent. So enjoyed every minute of your performance.... (love those boots!!!!!)

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We really enjoyed the show last night. Thank you for our rose!

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Last evening Sonny and I enjoyed an evening at the Derry AG fair, experiencing the tunes of Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash performed by my sweet talented cousin Cathi Rhodes and her friend Eric. Her beautiful voice is only out-shined by her beautiful heart... Get a chance to attend one of her shows.... You're in for a treat!!!


Ellen Skergan "Awesome show,every song was a classic reminder of how music should be sung"...Thank You, Cathi, again and again....!!!!


Don Vargo Jr. We enjoyed your show ! Classy as always ! So good to see you and Eric perform !

Linda Johnston We've seen Cathi Rhodes couple of times, she is very good singing the Patsy Cline songs


I was at Moxie's Creamery today getting ice cream when I noticed Patsy Cline music being played in a car next to me. I thought to myself, that sure sounds like Cathi Rhodes!! I had to ask the guy... is that Patsy Cline or Cathi Rhodes??? LOL, he said, "It's Cathi Rhodes!!! I just saw her show last week in Ligonier and we LOVED it!!!!!"


Cathi, congrats on your nice mention and pic in the Pittsburgh Sunday Magazine, inside the 'Big Blonde Elvis' article. It's nice to see Tribute Artists getting their due. (The article was about Tribute Artists on board the Gateway Clipper.)

Personal letter

Personal handwritten letter

Cathi, Thank you for such great entertainment! We all had a good time! I gave the other ladies a copy of the pictures also. Will wait for you to come around again. You have my email, so let me know when you will be close by. Thank you again. You are a beautiful & talented lady. ~Marge

Facebook: Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes

We saw you yesterday at the Ramada Inn at Ligonier PA. What a wonderful tribute! Thank you!!

Facebook: Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes

So, I'm sitting here with country music playing on the TV. 'Faded Love' is playing. Patsy Cline is the singer, and then I realize that I like Cathi Rhodes' version better.


Thank you ever so much 4 the wonderful program you put on 4 the senior citizens at Riverside Care Center yesterday  ... So many people told me how much they loved you, as well as my sister Kay  :)  Several asked me today when your coming back again .... I just told them soon I hope ...  God Bless You, 4 your kindness. 

Facebook: 'Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes' page

I saw you sat eve. blown away ,please let me know when you are singing in the area again , i am a huge patsy cline fan,ps,,i think you know my cousin , diane zajdel



Facebook: ' Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes' page

Great show Cathie, always so proud of you!  Got that tear I knew was coming...  you do it every time!! ❤️


Facebook: 'Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes' page

We enjoyed your part of the show the best last night.  Great performance!



Facebook: 'Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes' page

Great show, you were amazing!!!



*** Facebook: 'Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Cathi Rhodes' page

Joanne - You always bring back so many memories for me...❤️❤️❤️ and sometimes a tear!!!!  Sonny and I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s show.

Julie - Have fun.  I know you will do great.

Terri - You look great! Good luck tonight Cathi!

René - Rock 'em girlfriend!!!  You go!!

Norm - Hi Patsy!! Need a keyboard player/ backup vocalist ? Lol!!

Michael B - You kids.  I was there in spirit.

Ellen - Wow, So much talent standing there!!!

Dara Lynn - Great performance!!❤️

Megan K - You're beautiful

Cheryl T - Enjoyed your show very much

Andy - Rock the house girl!

Joan - We’re coming this evening!  Can’t wait to hear you!!  & see you!!!

Peter - I'm with you in spirit. Rock 'em, girl.

Debbie - Adorableness in motion.

Tom - See you there, can't wait.

Jackie - Go get 'em cowgirl!

John - Good luck Cathi !!!!  Knock em dead !!

Toni - Best of luck.   Love u

Gary - Go for it ...exciting.....u like the flowers?

Suzanne Rose - Great venue!  Wishes to you for a super time and show!

Louis - I hope it was good for you.  I'm sure it thrilled the audience.

Marlene - Knock them dead honey as I know you will.❤

Stevie -  post Video !

Randy -  Wow happy for you

Frank - There is a group of people in for a real treat  :)

Timea - You're so pretty!

Joanne - Great show Cathie, always so proud of you!  Got that tear I knew was coming...  you do it every time!! ❤️

Dianne - Great show, you were amazing!!! I hope to see you there again soon!! 

Amy - We enjoyed your part of the show the best last night.  Great performance!


Char - You were wonderful as usual! xoxo

Cindy - Love the top!

Debbie W - I wish you came closer to Cleveland.

Sandra - There is always a gracious glow about you!

Madonna N - You look great Cathi. Can't wait for your show with Joe Ramsey April 14th here in Fayette Co at the Amvets Post 103 Hopwood!! This is going to be an awesome show!!

Ronnie N -  Hi Cathi, where is your next show so I can come to pay homage. I would really like to see a show for future reference. Your Elvis friend....Ronnie.

Julie -  What an amazing opportunity for you.  I am sure you were awesome.

Gloria C - Julie, she REALLY WAS!!! Our brother, Bill, leaned over to me and said, "The Voice of an ANGEL." I had to agree. <3

Judy - Wished I could have made it........know she was great, and will get booked again.❤️

Bonna - Fabulous wonderful exciting!

Tom - You were great. I put my 2 cents in for a repeat for the future, glad I was there.

Gloria - Cathi, you were FLAWLESS -- the sound was GREAT!!!  We were very proud of you -- AS ALWAYS!!!  <3

Ellen -  Cathi...Perfect  just absolutely perfect...There are no words...So happy for you...Awesome in every way....

Joan - It was a wonderful evening!  We enjoyed you as usual!

Jack - My sister was in the crowd tonight. She said show was great.

Richard - Good job Cathie

Jessica - John - looking good up there! (Gloria - You were ALL fun!!! CUTE!!!

Facebook: Palace Theatre Show

Enjoying an evenin ' out at the Palace In Greensburg. Cash Unchained is the ultimate Johnny Cash tribute show. Awesome show for sure!! My friend Cathi Rhodes you did an awesome performance keeping our friend Patsy alive! Great entertainment!

Personal email

Cathi, I was unaware that Cash Unchained would have an opening act and when I discovered it was a Patsy Cline Tribute I was very excited. You delivered a fantastic performance and honored Patsy in a classy and fun  style. This was the first time I have seen your show and plan on catching you again sometime. Music is a great gift from God. Keep up the good work. 


Cathi Rhodes, You know when you left Barnes House the other day, there are women that told me they were crying when they saw you leave. The music touched them that much it was wonderful!!❤️


Love you. Just plain love you!


Beautiful lady and a voice to match!