Cathi Rhodes

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Beautiful job performing! It was a hoot dancing along with you. Hope to see you again!
Heard you the other night at the Washington Senior Citizens. We loved your performance. It was beautiful. Hope to go see you at another show soon
I am a robot I think. Great page kiddo!
Great show at the Lancaster Opera House last night!
Just found your web page. cathi is very talented and a warm wonderful person. She has preformed for our clients at my workplace and for our womens mothers day banquet at church. She is very gifted and passionate about what she does.
Thanks so much to all of you for your heart-warming comments! It is always so nice to perform for audiences everywhere and I sure have branched out to bigger venues from my early days! I will keep on singing for as long as I have a voice and am delighted to share those talents with all of you. God Bless!
Love the photos!!!
Mentioned your cruise next year to a few & getting good vibes. KEEP US POSTED Ed &Ruth;B.
Cathi Rhodes, Your performance at our Charter Night Party this past Monday was spectacular! I wish that I had known ahead of time that you specialize in Patsy Cline hits; I would have requested "She's Got You"! As Lion Ed and wife Joni requested, I hope that you can return to us for our Christmas Party in December. Per your request, I'm emailing a few pictures which I took (pics edited by being compressed for transmission). Thanks a million!! Larry Nelson
I have had the pleasure of working with Cathi and listening to her sing and describe her love of singing...especial the oldies and Patsy Cline. If you are looking for something special, reserve a seat at one of her shows.
I like your singing
Can I be your friend?
Such a pleasure and honour to meet you Cathi and to see the great work that you do. I look forward to us meeting up in Altoona in April 2014 ! All the best to you !
just came across your web site.lived in Greensburg 20 years ago.knew Gloria well.tell her hello for me from texas.
No comment. Stopped at Giant Eagle on the way home from Menopause. Got a coupon for Centrum Silver! Seriously! Is someone trying to tell me something? :-)
It was so nice meeting you tonight at the Saltsburg River Hall...You are such an enjoyable entertainer & I loved your show....I also enjoyed meeting your sister Gloria...I was sitting at the table with her...Hope to see you again....God bless....hugs...
Cathi I hope to see you perform,we loved Patsy Cline.
Cathi, it was so nice to meet you last night at the Wine Tasting in Uniontown. You are such a beautiful lady and wonderful entertainer. We look forward to seeing more of you.
Yesterday was the first time that I saw one of your Patsy Cline tribute shows from start to finish and I must say that you establish an immediate rapport with your audience. You were wonderful and the audience loved you..
I'm in love!
Ilisten you on line all the time I injoy HER singing
Just came across your websight, it looks like you're doing very well with your love of music, continued success in all that you do!
we enjoyed all of you on sunday,my husband did wash his cheek of that night.thank you for the candy cane story. thank you.
Enjoyed your singing "Patsy Cline" at our recent Christmas Luncheon (12.8.12). Can't wait to take my mother and aunt to hear you.
You do a very good job.Best I Ever heard. Thank you
I stopped by your website this morning. I congratulate you for putting together a wonderful place for your fans to get to know you better. The tenderness of your voice allows the listener to enter your heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Great stuff Cathi
Luv ya Cathi
Your singing brought tears to my eyes, and a smile in my heart!
Dear Cathi, My parents saw your show today on the Princess & absolutely loved it!! It was our present to them for their 62nd anniversary. Thanks so much for being so kind to them!! My daughter & I met you after the boat docked & my daughter took pictures of you & my parents there. They truly loved the show & your kindness & thoughtfulness. Thanks, again & we hope to see you again sometime.
Cathi Once again a great big thanks for the great show you gave us at the Saltsburg Canal Days. The audience loved you. We will see you there again next year!!
So sorry to hear of Nellie's passing. I used to always hug her on stage after our programs. Hope all is well. For some reason, I can't find you on facebook, but Melanie has you on her page.
Thank you to all who have sent expressions of love during the loss of our Mom. We truly appreciate each and every one of them. God's Blessings to you. friend I am so impressed. You have an angelic voice. I thought I was hearing Patsy Cline...I clicked your website and there you are I discovered who you are... So beautiful voice you have... Thank you for sharing your talent.
Lovely site to match a lovely lady.
hi's me jenny...ur so sweet! I luv ur style and class
Cathi Once again we were so very happy to have you sing for our festival. So glad we booked the evening with Patsy dinner. I can't wait!! I think Patsy Cline would be very proud of your work.
As a professional performing musician and singer for some 30+ years, I've got to you folks, this girl IS the real deal! Not only does she enchant you with her singing, but she has a magical stage presence as well! She's not only a fantastic songstress, but she'll make you feel like you're involved from day one! This girl will absolutely astound you . . .
Ms. Rhodes, am living in NYC, but I sill read the Post-Gazette on line. Anyway, was reading todays edition, and I came across the article about you and others. Your name sounds very familiar, did we work together at CLO in the 1970s? Regardless, I tracked down your web site and enjoyed listening to your versions of Patsy songs.
Just letting all of you know that I will be doing my final Luncheon Cruise of the summer on Fri. Aug. 27 on the Gateway Clipper. Call 412. 355. 7980 for reservations. Hope to see you all there! It was sold out last month (650 seats!) and my picture was in today's Post Gazette, so I expect another full house. Call TODAY!!
I am and always have been a Patsy Cline Fan, they do not get any better then Patsy. I was fortunate to have met Miss Patsy when I was the tender age of 12 just months before she was taken away from us to be in God's Choir. Not a day goes by I do not play her music. She was the Greatest Voice of female Country Music ever and still is.
Your Are Good Singer I like it a lot
Hi Cathi How are you and your family? Always remember the great conversations with my cousins Antoinette and Nelly and of course I remember very well when my cousin Mary visited Buenos Aires in 1973, I was very young and spoke a few words in English A few days ago my uncle Oscar Izzi died 72 years my dad's brother Orlando and last year my uncle brother Charles Izzi also 75, is only my aunt Norma Izzi who is always writing to you I would like to write me and tell me as there are all ok? I give you my e-mail, I'm also on facebook and twitter (@ aeizzi, I send a big kiss for
I do like your new webpage. I will be making my annual road trip from Colorado Springs, to PA. I talk to Byrd about once a month or so. Give Nellie my love and I'll see you guys soon. Lou Mathews
Cathi, just listened to all the songs on your website and they were all just beautiful. Have to see you perform sometime in the not too distant future. We have a mutual friend in Suzanne Veritek. Take care. Bob
Howdy Cathi, I love your Website, appreciate sharing with me, Thank You! I wish you all the Happiness and continued Success in the Music Industry! I am also the CEO/Owner of DESERT HEAT PROMOTIONS in Southern California. Look forward to keepin' in contact with you and listening to more of your beautiful voice too! God Bless, David Lee Cohen DESERT HEAT PROMOTIONS URL: David Lee's Music:
Hi Cathi, I am Mike Ross's sister and he just called me in SC and told me to look you up on the web. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE PATSY CLINE and you REALLY do resemble her in your music! I can't wait for my husband to hear you when he gets home, he will be amazed too!! Have you tried out your voice in Nashvillel yet?? Keep up the good work!!
Cathi, I enjoy your singing so much. I believe that God has a work for you to do. With a voice like yours, you could win many souls to him with your singing. Keep up the great singing. You should do a whole lot of Gospel music. God bless you hon.
I Love it! You sound as GREAT as you LOOK! I wear out juke boxes everywhere playing Patsy Cline tunes now where can I spend those quarters? Real great hearing from you too but no photo's till I visit (surprise) you. Okay? Till then Mike
Wow, what a great rendition of "Faded Love". You have a terrific voice!
Cathi-your website is lovely. You are so talented!
Imagine That! ~ Darryl
I just love your singing. To think how long I have known you, wow. You are a great singer and I am so glad to have been there in person to hear you. I would love a CD of your songs. God Bless
December 7 at 9:37am I just went to your website and WOW! You have a wonderful voice. I hope to get to see you perform live someday soon. Best of luck and continued success. Peace, JERRY Find me on: and YOUTUBE
My name is Jachin Charley, I am form India. I am serving the Lord as an Evangelist and helping the poor. I have started Jesus Gospel Ministry. Please pray for us. Please visit our website MERRY CHRISTMAS
WOW!!! That voice.....that smile....those eyes...that Voice.....Foot wouldn't stop stompin',....AND I see you use your earned gifts for good! Congrats on being you!
Such a beautiful voice I hear and enjoyed all your pics
Wow! Is that you singing?!
Oh Cathi What a wonderful site ! It's great that so many people will have a chance to hear your incredible vocals and performances.
Hi Everybody! Just wanted to pop in and say Thanks for all your support in my singing. You're the best!
When I heard you singing at the Derry Ag Fair, I just knew you would be a perfect fit for our Saltsburg Fall Festival. You captivated both young and old alike with your beautiful smile and awesome singing. We are counting the days till you come back to sing for us again! Thanks again, Cathi.
I was glad to meet you at your Mom's house.
Don't tell me my beautiful, dark haired girl is home tonight? Where is that fella in all those pics that didn't give me a chance? He's crazy!!!Earl
I haven't written further because looks lke a serous romance here--I don't want to interfere. I own a condo at Water's Edge in Surfside--if you would like to bring your family down-feel free to use it, at my expense of course. Maybe I am not shot our of the saddle yet. LOL Earl
saw you guys at the bullskin fair aug guys put a good show on,Kasey is adorable beautiful looking and a great voice and everyone seem so real and nice thanks johnny
Great to see and hear a former 'Spinnerette' at the class reunion.
Been friends with Cathi for years, sure miss Hearing her on the polka Radio!!!! Abe the Drummer
I recently saw one of your shows. You were wonderful. Are you engaged or in a relationship?
Just had to tell you how much we all enjoyed your show on Saturday June 6th 2009..We will always remember your Tribute to the Veterans in the audience on D-Day..We Love you Cathi
Just checkin your site, you still look the same as you did in HUFFTOWN, Geez, we all should be that lucky...Just wanted to say HI
Hi Cathi(or should I say Patsy), I received your note on classmates. It was nice hearing from you. I have been retired for 3 years now. I live in Fort Myers Florida and it has been absolute paradise. Everyday is a great day! Your web site is super. I really enjoyed seeing the photos. You still look great and it looks like you are really having a great time. Take care and keep having fun. AJ P.S. I legally had my name changed years ago from Angelo Joseph to AJ. I should have done it 40 years ago.
We can't thank you enough for the wonderful performance you put on for our Herminie Hee Haw Field Day. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to make our event a success. You brightened the day, brought back memories, and put smiles on all our faces. Our sincere thanks for your graciousness. God Bless You!
Way to go Cathi...WOW !! You are continuing the "RHODES" family tradition and as a lifetime friend and fellow "HUFFTOWNER"... you make us proud !!!
Yello, came a across you today ....
Loved watching "Always- Patsy Cline" in Ligonier. Also joined family and friends at Our Coal Miners Cafe twice to enjoy your wonderful music and Charismatic Personility. My granddaughter ( 20 months old) loved dancing to the music.
Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.
Thank you, Cousin Alberto in Buenos Aires! We love you too! God's Blessing to all of you in Argentina. One day we shall meet, as my grandmother traveled to visit South America and saw her brother and sister 52 years after leaving Italy! Lots of love to you!
Hi, we would love to see you perform some day. My husband Levi "Butch" Vought is Lee Cassa's cousin. Levi and Lee spent lots of summer nights sitting on our back porch picking. Do you have a cd?
Just wanting to wish you a very Happy Birthday Cathi even though it is a couple days late..Sent you an e-card hope you got it..Love, Carol
Hi Young Lady: I still enjoy all the Polka shows, but I really miss seeing you & hearing you! abe from Uniontown, Pa
WOW----You are a STAR! You've come along way--baby! Congratulations
Thanks for the invite. Ethel
Hi Cathi! We loved your performance at Our Coal Miner's Cafe and my mom just told us that you will be singing for her Ladies Group on the Gateway Clipper Riverboat Dinner Cruise in Pittsburgh next May! Good for you! And good for the Gateway Clipper Fleet who get to hear you! Keep up the great work. There are so many of us out here who enjoy your shows. Thanks for giving us so many wonderful memories! You're a special lady and we are happy to know you.
You are quite a lady. I will never forget the night we played together at the Community Center in Indianhead. You are truly a remarkable lady, and became my friend the night you crossed my pathway. A night that I will never forget. Best of Luck in your future endeavers. Love Ya. Bear
waiting to hear from you. Hope you are still planning a Christmas show her in Elizabeth. Sometimes you have to remind Lori. So keep at her, we want you back. I told you I would help you with a ticket sell out.
Love the pictures!!!! You look mahvelous!!!! Thanks for the visit!! Cindy
Hi Cathi! Hope to see you at a Square Dance and who knows, maybe I'll show up at 1 of your shows! Great Site!
it was so nice to talk to you i really like to talk to people that sings patsy cline i am looking forward of coming to pa. too meet you and go out we will have a ball keep in touch with me and i will keep in touch with you,keep up with the good work of singing patsy cline love mary lou (Patsy Cline) ps. my phone number is 423-246-3647
Cathi, thank you so much for coming to Erie! I loved every single show, and after watching all six - your music has been going through my head even after the week was over. It is the gift that just keeps giving. We cannot wait to have you back to Erie, not only because we had so many people comment on how wonderful it was, and that they will return when you do, but because I myself cannot wait to see your entire show again! You are awesome - both on the stage and off. Thanks for your talent, and your friendship. You are an amazing person and it is our good fortunate to have found you and to have the opportunity to get to know you! We love you, Debbie (and Doug, et al at Jr.'s Comedy Club)
Hi Cathi~ Loved the new pictures from the comedy club. How handsome is that Billy Huh? You two make a great looking team! Love you~ Carol
Thank you so much for your time after your show at Jr's in Erie at 1pm. Tuesday. Thank you for being so kind to have your picture taken with me after the show, I greatly appreciate it. You put on an excellent show, really enjoyed it. Thanks again. Shirley Peters 240 Maple St. McKean, Pa. 16426
We attended your show in Erie tonight. You were Awsome!!!!! Can't wait to see you again. We are looking for entertainment for the PA State "500" (Bowling) Club to be held in Grove City, PA. I'd like some info If you please. Keep up the great work. Again, you wre Awsome. Thanks for a great time!!!
don't let up cuz we love u.
hey cathi, i really enjoyed the show at the ligonier theater. 2nd time & looking for the next. was looking for the pics from the show but not there. i was looking forward to seeing them since we were in the front row & u came down & danced w/me Wow! hey i think we live in the same neighborhood (south greensburg) till we meet again jim
Hi Cathi, I like your web site. Take care, Dan
Nice site! hope to see you soon. WOW! what a difference from the old WBCW days!! What i'd give to do that again. Richard would also be soooo proud of you. Hope to see you perform soon. Always, Marko
Hi Cathi~ Just dropping in to say hello and to check out your web site again....I noticed Louie was on too. Good Luck with all of your singing dates. We will all have to get together on your Mom's 80th BD this summer and throw her a big party. Love to you and hope to meet the New guy in your life real soon. Carol
your cousin carol,(my sister),put me on to your site..i feel honored, to have such talent in the family. you & bryd..just wished we lived closer ,so we could see you guys all the time..keep singing cath,you make a lot of people bryd played a big part in my life,(the new direction),he taught me everything i know,which made my life a little bit better..with you singing,and bryd playing.,life cant get any better...143s and god bless you guys...your cousin louie...
Just discovered your web site. Can't wait to hear another "Patsy" performance. Eve is doing ok, a little heavy and has a lot of trouble getting around but still a sweet girl. You wouldn't carry her on your shoulder like you used to do!
hi cathi
Hi Dear, do you have plans for March 15 it is a Sat. not sure if it will be afternoon or evening yet, but we are planning an 80th B-day for my dad, at Donegal Community Center. Would love to have you come and sing for an hour or two for him let me know asap! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Can't wait to see you again soon... keep me posted. Love Suzi and Family
Hey, Cathi! Hope you see you at a performance soon!
Cathi, your program in Elizabeth, on the 16th of Nov. was fantastic!I can't wait to hear you again. I have a question for you if you don't mind? Do you sell tapes with the songs you sang in that program in Elizabeth? I'd love buying one from you. As I always try to do when I finish writing to a person is to leave that person I'm writing to a "BLESSING FROM OUR LORD" May God grant you & yours a blessing today. Frank
Was at your show in Elizabeth on 11/16/07 I'm a 65 yesr old great grandfather, of which I was raised on country music. Its my opinion that most of the new country sound women singers of today couldn't hold a candle to your singing.I enjoyed your program greatly.When your program is around this area I'd love to be informed of it. I'll be there!May God bless you, Frank
Hi Cathi....You know you have arrived when you Google your name and a thousand hits come up. Your boundless energy and talent truly awes me. Love you very much~ Carol
Hi! I found your website on Google! I love you Aunt Cathy!
Hello from your big brother Byrd in Florida. Can't wait to get back and spend some quality time with you and hear your lovely voice. I love you! BYRD
OOOHHHHH!!! Cathi!!! The news that I received from you yesterday demonstrates Romans 8:28 is for us!!! More MIRACLES and OPEN DOORS to come in the Mighty Name of JESUS!!! WELCOME HOME, MY LOVE!!! Have lots of fun with our beautiful Mom!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Your Loving Sister, Gloria
WOW!!!!!..... What a voice!!!!... I thought for sure Pasty was back in the house when we heard you start signing.... We were extremly impressed, and we are very hard to impress. (LOL). Can't wait to see you on stage... Hopefully the halloween thing all comes to gether. We will be in-touch. Take care and god bless..... Dale, Dean & the boys - "your newest fans"
As you know...I've been to a few of your Patsy Cline shows, a couple at the Coal Miner's Cafe, And saw you in a play at the Ligonier Theater, enjoyed them all very much. I feel very special to know you not only as a "celebrity" but as one country girl to another. I'm blessed double 'cause I get to hear you sing at our church (as anyone can at the Fairmont Church in Stahlstown).Always a pleasure to bump into you, as we work in the same small town. Thanks for the howdy on your return from a much needed and well deserved vacation! See you 'round town.
We saw your performances at a few different places, and you are phenomenal! I've seen other 'tribute artists' attempt to sing Patsy's music, but YOU have her down pat!! One thing you don't have: the fake, trying-so-hard style as the others do, and that's a GOOD thing! Keep doing what you're doing and you'll go places, girl! Not only do you look and sound like her (and you give us chills when we hear you perform), but you are a genuinely nice person, taking the time to talk to everyone who crowds around you after the shows. Thanks for giving us such great memories and a truly lovely evening of REAL entertainment! Looking forward to the next show! Take care and God bless you, ALWAYS! From your new fans, Kara and Doug
Hello. Nice web site.(the boys) New Generation Bluegrass Band have been busy and pickin alot. Hope to talk to you again soon
Cathi Ron and I really enjoyed the show on July 22,2007. Sorry we were unable to say goodbye. You were pretty busy! I really enjoyed it even though it's not from my era. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you one day in Vegas!!!!!!!
Cathi Jude and I caught your show last nite (6/9/ 07 ) and didn't get a chance to see ya after to tell ya how proud of you we are !!! Will catch up w/ya soon!!!
Dear Cathi, I didnt know you were sooo famous. I am so impressed. I didnt know you had 2 sons or 3 grand children. Sometime if you have time we will have to touch base with each others years that have gone by. Love ya, Arlene
Keep in touch!!
My dear, sweet sister, Cathi -- Mom and I are always so PROUD of you and the Rhodes Brothers Bluegrass Band. We have not missed ONE performance of "Always... Patsy Cline" -- and if you would perform the show 100 times, I would do my best to drive to and from Harrisburg all 100 times. I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH, MY LOVE!!! I pray for all of our family every day in the Mighty Name of JESUS!!! -- Name above ALL names!!! All Glory to our AWESOME God!!! AMEN!!!
Cathi, The web site has really evolved! I have printed out lots of the info for your Mom. Wonderful Bio and your resume was unbelievable! WOW! Hope to see you on August 3rd
Cathi: Great web site and what a ride we had on old Route 66, let's go for a ride again in nine months yee-haw!!!
Good job! on the web site
Cathi - can't wait to see you perform and hope to soon! Love ya, Scott
BIG FAN. BIG FAN. go girl! Love your new web-site...keep up the great work, and hope to see you soon!
Hope to see y'all real soon!
Just beautiful Cathi!!!!!Good Job