Cathi Rhodes

Glitzando Blog
Vocal Duet with Diane Paul and Cathi Rhodes blending their harmonies!
The Grand Theatre, Elizabeth PA
Lovely venue, built in 1902, available for all sorts of concerts, parties, etc. Check it out!
Ramada Inn
Great place to stay while you're visiting, shopping and otherwise enjoying beautiful historic Ligonier! GREAT food! Great people!
Neon Swing Experience
LOVED these kids the very first time I ever heard them play at The Hollow!! DANCE your socks off!! Ha Ha! You'll never have more fun than dancing to swing! They are tres cool!
Marko Polka Show
My old buddy from our WBCW 1530 am radio days is still on the air with the most outrageous polka show you'll hear! It's a blast, so tune in and request all your favorites! Tell him Cathi sent ya!
Junior's Last Laugh Comedy Club
This is the FABULOUS PLACE where I performed in April, 2008. Great people, great club! Check it out!