Cathi Rhodes


Once again --- and even more so --- the 'Gang' at Junior's was simply awesome! It was difficult to leave them: Debbie (Doug was away on a FUN golf outing this week), Tina, Rhonda Rhoades, Adrian, Richard, Amy, Ange...and The Simpsons (ha ha!)........Everyone felt like family in just a short time. They're the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet ---- and hard workers too, making sure to please ALL their patrons, and please them they did! The food is out of this world, so if --- no, wait --- WHEN you get the chance to go to Erie, you MUST head for Junior's Last Laugh Comedy Club to check out a show or two AND make sure you have dinner there! You'll be glad you did! The audiences were bigger this week and soooooo appreciatve. They kept asking when I'd be back! They took pictures with me and asked a bunch of questions and told me of their influences of Patsy's wonderful music on their lives. When they were dating, they'd listen to her music. The neatest thing was that so many young people in the audience told me they'd been listening to Patsy's CDs for a long time. THAT'S what I like to hear! As many of you know, close to the end of each performance, I ask which couples have been married the longest. I bring them up front to slow dance while I sing "ALWAYS" to them. The NICEST and sweetest couples hugged and kissed as they slow danced and the audiences applauded them. How very fortunate to be with your true love for so many years, growing old together. God Bless all those lovely couples with many more years together! Many thanks once more to Debbie & Doug for having me perform in Erie, which wasn't as far a trip as I initially thought! I really appreciate Debbie saving the ERIE LIFE glossy magazine I was pictured in, also for the newspaper article that spanned an entire column by Dave Richards, the numerous full color newspaper ads, the huge posters in the lobby at Jr's Last Laugh, the newspaper magazine listings, the video of my Channel 12 debut...and so much more! WOW! They made me feel like a SOMEBODY!!! If I'm invited to go again, I'd like to see a caravan from our area making the trip up with me! You gotta see this's just too much fun to pass up, believe me! Check out the link to Junior's and visit their website often!