Cathi Rhodes

Patsy & Friends...LIVE Plus 5!

Cathi, I gotta tell ya, you are definitely a born entertainer! One of the very rare few I've ever seen! Everybody is in love with you, I knew it, I knew it! That theater should be paying you really BIG BUCKS because of all of the positive vibes that you bring to the place! You're ability to charm the heck out of people is amazing, but your professionalism really stands out on stage. Even after a 3rd consecutive performance and a few minor muffs by the band, you absolutely RULE that stage! You were able to move seamlessly from cheerful banter with the crowd to moving the show along musically without apparently breaking a sweat and not an outward trace of nerves. I could NEVER do what you do and do it so seemingly effortlessly! You do indeed LOVE performing and it shows! .....Your voice carries the show. I really like your brother Byrd, and my wife thought Joey provided some great comic relief! He's also a VERY good mandolin player! She is of the opinion that you should perform with a LIVE band all the time. She is now going to take the kids to see Charlotte's web and more because she is SO impressed with your theater! She even gave me hell for NOT reaching out to you in the aisle during your Bill Bailey number?! ... Your upright bass player, piano player ~ SOLID, SOLID! You've got a great growl in your voice too when you want it. Cathi Rhodes, as I suspected, you're the REAL DEAL! ~~~ DL