Hang it up?

More than a few years ago, a woman (who shall remain nameless) told me I should 'hang it up' when it came to my performing my little Patsy Cline show. She meant for me me to move FORWARD with 'something else'... that people are probably done with hearing Patsy's music. WRONG!!! WRONG....So WRONG! My friends had to actually laugh at that comment, because they KNOW just how popular 'my little show' is with audiences everywhere! Well, ya know, I came back with 'As long as there are people out there who WANT TO HEAR me sing, and KEEP COMING BACK...I'll NEVER 'hang it up!' Another woman is 'afraid I'll get burnt out on singing Patsy's music .... HA! That'll NEVER happen...I GUARANTEE it! I also heard a fellow who said people don't want to hear the same thing over and over, but you know, we PACK 'em in....and I THANK ALL of you DEVOTED fans! Well I guess if I'm good enough for clubs in Erie, The Gateway Clipper Majestic, and constantly get return calls from many other venues....I must be doing something right. I will simply follow my heart, my passion for what I do and wait for 'those others' to catch up! Maybe one day I'll sit back and watch THEM on the Gateway Clipper. If this 'little show of mine' wasn't bringing in audiences around the Westmoreland, Cambria, Allegheny & Erie counties anymore....yes, I'd move on to something else...and believe me, I have 'something else' on the back burner, just creeping forward and when the time is right, you'll know it! There's nothing like those lame comments to push me forward. Well, actually THEY aren't pushing me....I AM gladly moving ahead. See you around!

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