I Love My Audiences!

Audience with MomIt is always so nice to see so many faces enjoying the songs being sung. Those of you who are dedicated fans are special to me! Many thanks for your love and support.

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More Gigs. Please!!! (LOL) 

I would love to be able to do more singing, because I've got plans to live the rest of my life (what? maybe 20 - 25 years left?) being HAPPY. So if you know of any group or venue that might be interested in having me (or my friends & I) perform... please either let me know, or give them my name and email address: i.sing4u@yahoo.com. Many thanks! If you DO get me some gigs, I'll buy you 2 tickets to the show! God Bless! :)

Hang it up? 

More than a few years ago, a woman (who shall remain nameless) told me I should 'hang it up' when it came to my performing my little Patsy Cline show. She meant for me me to move FORWARD with 'something else'... that people are probably done with hearing Patsy's music. WRONG!!! WRONG....So WRONG! My friends had to actually laugh at that comment, because they KNOW just how popular 'my little show' is with audiences everywhere! Well, ya know, I came back with 'As long as there are people out there who WANT TO…

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Nature's Gifts 

Nature's Gifts Posted by Smiling Moon at 01:08 AM on March 17, 2010 When I was leaving an unhealthy relationship and searching for a home on my own, I found a vacant house where an old Irish woman once lived with her husband and animals. As I drove up to the house surrounded by many pines, bushes and other welcoming sites, I had tears in my eyes and my heart pounded with the beauty of this serene place in the country. As I walked around, touching the trees, smelling the air, knowing deep inside me that this…

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