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I Love My Audiences!

Audience with MomIt is always so nice to see so many faces enjoying the songs being sung. Those of you who are dedicated fans are special to me! Many thanks for your love and support.


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Walkin' After Midnight with Patsy Cline

Café 422 Boardman, Boardman, Ohio

i have been invited to perform at the second Café 422 in Ohio, and I am honored! 

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Hi folks!

Thanks for stopping by to visit my website. Well, I suppose I could begin with my life story from birth, but I really don't think you need to know all that. I am a small town gal who loves to sing! Period. I am one of those 'middle kids' ... 3rd of 6. More of my personal life will eventually make its way into this website!

I perform a heartfelt Portrait of Patsy Tribute Show featuring the hit songs and stories of Patsy Cline, since my FAVORITE stage production Always...Patsy Cline can't possibly contain ALL of her great tunes!! Keep checking my 'Performances' as to when and where I'll be producing it.

My friend, Diane & I have a duo called GLITZANDO (a play on the musical term 'glissando'). We perform for private tour groups at the Ligonier Ramada, and many other places for the general public. We've been singing together for quite a long time, and opened for A GOLDEN TRIBUTE at the Greensburg Garden & Civic Center November 9, 2013 to a sold-out crowd. We will be back at the prestigious Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival at Twin Lakes with our Sentimental Jukebox Show on July 4th, 2015 at 7 pm on the Hillside Stage!

I also produce a show called CLINE & CASH with Eric Harris who sing a variety of songs Johnny Cash, Josh Turner and many more along with my Patsy Cline, Anne Murray, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Connie Francis and then some!

My oldest brother Bill and I sang in a duet we called CHESTNUT RUN. He writes songs, sings, plays 12-string guitar and his electric Stratocaster while I accompanied him on light percussion and vocals.

Some of you may know me from my Radio Days at WBCW 1530 am and WHJB 620 am. I hosted the Polka Carousel Show and CrossRhodes Bluegrass/Folk Music for nearly nine years. I sure do miss being on radio...I had tons of wonderful listeners over the years!

I am also the mom of 2 beautiful sons and the grandmother of 3 beautiful children. Yep...I'm a grandma!! God gave me a family early in life and they've all kept me young-at-heart!

My favorite stage role of ALL TIME is that of Patsy Cline, as if you couldn't guess by the listings on my 'gigs' page! I've been a fan of hers since I was a little girl, under the very fortunate influence of my beautiful mom, Nell and my dad, Buster, a guitarist and singer. I miss them more every day, but I know they are watching and guiding me from above.

I've posted my theater resume' below...but you'd better put on a pot of coffee and sit back and relax. It's quite a read. (It needs a lot of updating, but enjoy what's there right now.)

God truly blessed our family with so many gifts. And we are very grateful to Him. Wisdom is knowing what path to take next...integrity is taking it. Come along that path with me.

Thanks for all your support of my music and stage performing. Hope to see you soon! God Bless!