I Love My Audiences!

Audience with MomIt is always so nice to see so many faces enjoying the songs being sung. Those of you who are dedicated fans are special to me! Many thanks for your love and support.

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Christmas Party 

Just want to tell you again how much I enjoyed your performance for Glenmoor Farms on Wednesday.  Have heard from many others that they also enjoyed the program.  Plan to follow your website & don’t be surprised if you see me again.


Story of the M & M candies 



As you hold these candies in your hand

And turn them, you will see

The ‘M' becomes a 'W' and an 'E' then a '3'


They tell the Christmas story

It’s one I’m sure you know

It took place in a stable

A long, long time ago.


The 'E' is for the East

Where a star shone so bright!


The 'M' is for the Manger

Where Baby Jesus slept that night.


The '3' is for the Wise Men

Bearing gifts when they came.


The 'W' is for Worship,

Hallelujah! Praise his Name! 


So as you eat these candies


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Story of the Candy Cane 

Many years ago, a candy maker wanted to make a candy at Christmastime that would serve as a witness to his Christian faith. He wanted to incorporate several symbols for the birth, ministry and the suffering Jesus endured for our sake.
He began with a stick of pure white hard candy; white to symbolize the Virgin Birth and the sinless nature of Jesus; hard candy to symbolize the solid rock, the foundation, of the Church; and firmness to represent the promise of God.
The candy maker made the candy, in the form…

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Meaning of The 12 Days of Christmas 


Partridge in a pear tree represents Jesus

Two turtle doves - old and new testaments

Three French hens - faith, hope and love

Four calling birds - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Five golden rings - Torah, first 5 books of the Bible 

Six geese a-laying - six days of creation

Seven swans a-swimming - seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

Eight maids a milking - Eight Beatitudes

Nine ladies dancing - Nine fruits of the Holy Spirit

Ten lords a-leaping - Ten Commandments

Eleven Pipers…

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Last night, Nancy and I saw a absolutely outstanding performance by Cathi Rhodes (Tribute to Patsy Cline), vocalist Dianne Paul and Chris Denem (tribute to Neil Diamond) To open the show, Cathi singing a duet with Dianne was wonderful. Their selection of songs and their performance of those songs was a show stopper! Their performance of a WWII tune “Bugle Boy of Company B†was done equal to or better than the Andrew Sisters. Harmonies were perfect, their on stage routine was great. Nothing short of…

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High Recommendation 

"As an entertainer, Cathi is superb! She has volunteered her time to entertain at Relay for Life as part of an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and I've also hired her to perform at a community concert in the park. She is always professional and maintains an easy rapport with the audience." - Marie M. Service Category: entertainment Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Thank You, Cathi! 

Cathi, I just wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed you on Thursday night ~ we had lots of good comments and they want you to come again. We would like to have you for our Christmas party ~ the date is Wednesday, the 19th of December If this date is good for you, let me know. I will then give you all the details Again, thanks for your wonderful program ~ you really went above and beyond for us and it was very much appreciated. You have a wonderful talent and I hope you make it to Branson some…

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New Year's at The Thompson House 

“I think it’s wonderful that Cathi Rhodes will be entertaining at your place on New Year’s Eve! Best wishes, Dom Palmieri, Founding Member The Streetlights www.thestreetlights.com †12-06-11

The Grand Theatre 

I just have to say what an evening it was at The Grand Theatre in Elizabeth PA last night! The house was SOLD OUT...again...and that does my heart GOOD The MAYOR even sent his card backstage to me BEFORE the show, saying that he welcomes me back into his town ANYTIME! To me, that's a big deal, and I treasure that welcome. Lori & Ken, Margaret, Kathy and the rest of the staff are to be commended for making me feel like a celebrity! Posters of my concert were in businesses all over town and Lori was…

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Tribute artists are alive and well 

Meet the 'Blonde Elvis' of Mount Oliver: Tribute artists are alive and well Bill Wade/Post-Gazette Dan Casne, the "Blonde Elvis of Pittsburgh," performs at his Casne World, an old VFW hall in Mount Oliver, below * Dan Casne, the "Blonde Elvis of Pittsburgh," performs at his Casne World, an old VFW hall in Mount Oliver, below. * Casne World, in an an old VFW hall in Mt. Oliver, was remodeled by Dan Casne, 61. He performs as the "Blond Elvis" and his Little Vegas is known as…

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